House Call Session

Lifestyle session usually take place in your home.

When you feel you are much more comfortable staying at home with your baby, or simply you just prefer this style of photography, this is good choice for you. Before your session I will guide you how to prepare yourself for this special shoot.

Lifestyle newborn session will give you a chance to breathe, relax and enjoy those precious cuddles with your new arrival. My goal is to capture everyday moments and genuine connections. It’s lovely to see those emotional family moments which you will be happy to cherish and remember for years to come.

Packages from €270


Investing in a professional newborn/family photo shoot can be looked as an everlasting gift!

What can a lifestyle newborn photography session mean?

Lifestyle sessions are not studio based and is different to documentary photography. It is somewhere between them. Let me explain to you what to expect if you decide to invest in a newborn and family photo shoot with me. Documentary photographers are photographing the reality in your own home, included unwanted mess behind you or a forgotten towel on the armchair. Lifestyle newborn family photos are styled by me with gentle guide and creating the right environment for the most excellent result. I will set up simple poses like mum and baby or baby in the bosom of the whole family. Lifestyle newborn photography session means capturing your own unique family moments with the new arrival with a little help and guidance from the newborn photographer during your session.

As soon as your booking deposit is paid, I will contact you to know more details about your family, the number of people you want to be captured and your requests regarding the resulting photographs.

It is recommended you book your baby photography session as early as possible because I photograph a small number of clients each month to ensure they get the best photography service; this includes creating wall arts and handmade albums. I offer this style of service in County Meath, Louth and Dublin.

Inquisitive about the  newborn photography session?

Ideally your newborn photo shoot should be done before the baby turns 14 days. It doesn’t mean though that you can’t book your session after. Very young babies naturally settle in a wrap, allowing me to photograph them while they are asleep.

After your booking deposit is placed, I will contact you to know more about your dream session.

All your family photos are directed by me; we will create simple but expressive poses to capture the connection between you and your baby.

Before we start this beautiful journey  there will be time given to relax, feed and change the baby . Once the baby is settled and is asleep, we may start the session. I always give plenty of time for feeding and for you to attend to the baby. The newborn photographer requires 2 hours to take beautiful and timeless newborn photographs.